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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
The elves showed up today and we're getting ready for Pups, Pints, & Pictures this Sunday December 15th 2PM to 5-PM at our East Falmouth location.
Help us raise awareness and support for a local organization 4 Paws Stronger Inc.
Live Music , Holiday Photos, Raffles and more. .

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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
A message from Bad Martha CEO & Founder, Jonathan Blum:

"We want to thank you for your feedback these past few months since we’ve opened. We are making every effort to listen and respond to our customers, hear what you have said, and act on it. We have read every review, and engaged many of our customers to get their point of view real time. Most of the feedback we’ve received has been very positive; but some has not. We take all of this to heart. We also share with you that we experienced a situation we hadn’t anticipated - when we opened for business after Labor Day, we experienced far more customers than we were ready for. We’re so pleased the community has embraced us, and are very humbled by that support, but we simply weren’t ready for the level of business in the first few weeks of operation, so we had to make adjustments and hopefully you’ve noticed those by now. We can’t thank you enough for the support we’ve seen so far, and we realize we still have a lot of work to do to further improve our service and quality to earn your loyalty. Every new business has growing pains, and we’ve experienced ours. But we believe businesses that survive and thrive evolve based on customer feedback, and that’s exactly what we are doing now.

So, here’s what we heard, and what we’re doing about it:

- We heard our lines and the wait to order beer was long. So, we’ve added staff, installed another cash register, and on busy days we have several areas to order the beer. In the summer, we’ll have even more access points, as we plan to install a service station on our patio as another location to order beers. We also added a host position to interact with those waiting so they can peruse our menu’s and be ready to order more quickly when they reach the counter;

- We heard it was taking a long time to get a pizza or food platter, primarily because in the first month of operation, our staff would have to find our customers who were seated throughout the brewery and outdoors. So, we added a buzzer system to let our customers know when their food is ready, and when they identify themselves to our staff, we will bring their food to their table rather than searching for them throughout brewery. We have found that the new system saves a lot of time and ensures that our customers receive their food as soon as it is freshly prepared for them. We have also realized efficiencies in the kitchen so orders are completed faster and errors are rare. Pizza’s come out fast and delicious!

- Next, we’ve heard that some of our beers were disappointing customers. While many of you love a number of our beers, you’ve also been disappointed by others. Frankly, as we scaled up on our brand-new brewing system, we too have not been fully satisfied with the quality of our beer. We think it’s really good, but we want every beer to be better than that. We want every beer to be delicious. As we learn operations of our new brewery system, our Master Brewer and brewery staff are working hard to improve this every day, and it’s front and center on their minds. They take great pride in the quality of our beer, and we won’t be satisfied until all our customers are raving about it. We know we’re not there yet, but that’s our goal. Toward that end, we will not bring forward a new beer unless we believe it meets what we believe to be a 5-star standard. If we produce a beer that doesn’t meet that standard, we will discard it and not bring it to market. We just discarded two beers that we felt didn’t meet this standard. We’d rather take the loss by throwing an entire batch away than offering something to our customers that doesn’t meet our standards. And if you ever find you don’t like a beer, please just let us know and we will replace it free of charge. We’re also happy to give you a sample of every beer we offer to help you find one you’ll love. We’re going to keep striving for excellence and ask our customers to give us the gift of feedback real time so we can continuously improve;

- We heard that we needed more space in the winter, so we’ve enclosed, carpeted and heated our front porch so there is a warm, cozy place to sit while still enjoying the outside during wintertime;

- We heard that it would be great if we offered wine. That’s a challenging one as we’re a craft brewery producing beer, but we have had discussions with a local winery to produce a Bad Martha wine and if we can get a license to do so, we’ll offer a white and red wine. We’re not confident we can get that license, but we’re trying. We also plan to offer a Bad Martha Spiked Seltzer next Spring. So please stay tuned;

- Lastly, we heard that it would be nice if we offered more food options. So, we’ve introduced soups in a bread bowl, soft pretzels with beer mustard and cheese, and we’ll soon be offering a few panini and baguette sandwiches in addition to our delicious pizzas, and cheese & charcuterie platters. Assuming we’re able to get a license to do so, we plan to build an oyster Shucking Shack for fresh, local shucked oysters and clams to enjoy with your beer. We’re in the process of applying to the Town for their approval and hope they will view it favorably so we may serve these to you this Summer. Again, please stay tuned….

Again, we want to thank you for your gift of feedback, and hope you’ll continue to help create and enjoy improvements at Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery. We are very grateful for your support!"
Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer is at Bad Martha Beer (East Falmouth).
What a great Parade Falmouth Chamber of Commerce hope to be apart of it next year!

Come enjoy the rest of this sunny day with us! We have live music w/ Tim Curry till 5:00PM

Our fridge is stocked with beers and our kitchen is cooking pizzas ready for the Patriots game at 4:20PM

Our Taproom is open till 9PM
Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
Happy Saturday!
Join us for live music 2-5 pm and take home a mixed 4-pk as a gift or for yourself!
All beers brewed and canned right here at the brewery in East Falmouth.

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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer is at Bad Martha Beer (East Falmouth).
What a great weekend to visit Cape Cod! Check out some of the events happening all around us. Our brewery in East Falmouth is open and is a great place to warm up and refuel.

We still have our holiday gift card promotions going on.

Open 11:00am- 10:00PM

Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer is at Bad Martha Beer (East Falmouth).
Silent Trees is in the building! Come out and Get Bad with us!

Taproom is open till 10:00PM

Bartenders Beer Choice: Half Shell Oyster Stout

Brewed with a combination of oyster shells, meat, and whole oyster locally and sustainably grown and harvested.