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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
This is our curb.
This is our number: 508 444 6571

Order online and call when you arrive and we'll bring your order right out to you.

This is social distancing.

Wed-Sun 4:00-8:00 pm
Brick oven thin crust pizza and craft beer.

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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
Got time on your hands? Online reviews are very important to new businesses and we're no exception. If you've had a good experience with us and want to support the business please consider taking the time to leave us a review. Search engines also use reviews to populate results so mentioning pizza, live music, etc helps people find us when looking for those things. Cheers!



Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
Make it your way!
We've made it easy to build your own pizza through our online menu and we've added new toppings and a couple new specialty pies including Sausage and Peppers, BBQ Bacon Chx Ranch.
It's awesome to see people being serious about social distancing and taking the necessary precautions. Curbside pickup is way up. Just call when you arrive and we'll bring it right out to you!
We're open tomorrow and Sunday 4-8 pm. Visit our website for online ordering menu or DoorDash delivery link. 508 444 6571

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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
Freshly canned today Snake Charmer is back in 4 packs and singles!
We have 508 IPA, MV Ale, and Double Hoppiness in 4-packs as well and a long list of styles available in Growlers (64 oz jug).
Beer takeout is 2-8 pm, pizza is 4-8 pm, Wednesday-Sunday
Order online (visit our website for link, badmarthabeer.com) or call us at 508 444 6571
Curbside pickup is available!
Also find us on DoorDash and soon GrubHub.
Stay safe and support local. Cheers!

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Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
To Our Bad Martha Customers,

These are difficult times we’re all going through, but I know together as a country we will survive and thrive. We’re all concerned about our personal safety, and the safety of our friends and loved ones. No one is immune from this virus, and it’s especially important to practice safe hygiene and social distancing, now more than ever.

I want to reassure you that our pizzas and beer are perfectly safe to consume, and are “contactless.” First, you can easily order and pay for your pizzas and beer at www.badmarthabeer.com, or on DoorDash. Chef Aaron is ServeSafe Certified, the highest safety training for food servers. He is the only one making your pizzas and knows to regularly wash his hands with soap, use hand sanitizer, and religiously clean all our kitchen utensils and prep areas throughout the day. Our pizzas are perfectly cooked at 500 degrees Fahrenheit in our brick kiln oven. All experts, including the CDC and WHO, indicate that this virus cannot be transmitted on properly cooked food such as ours. Once your pizza comes out of the oven, it is cut and immediately put into a box, without it being touched until you eat it. Josh, our GM, also is ServeSafe Certified, and has created the appropriate social distancing for each and every order. First, when you pick up your pizza, you are required to stand in an area at a very safe distance from Josh. He will get your pizza for you and place it on a table. He then will step away so you may pick it up and take it home. If you’d like a 4-pack, 32 ounce crowler or 64 ounce growler of our craft beer, he will go through the same procedure in serving it to you. Jacobi, Master Brewer, has used our new state of the art canning system to can the beer straight from the holding tank, and it is immediately sealed and rinsed before being placed in the refrigerator. We also offer curbside service for those who wish us to do so, or delivery through DoorDash. All surfaces in the taproom, including our door handles, are sanitized between transactions. Your safety, and that of Aaron, Josh and Jacobi, is my first concern, and we’ve taken this very seriously to reassure you that our pizzas and beer are perfectly safe.

Our motto is Get Bad. Do Good. So we support the community and have recently donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs on the Vineyard to purchase 5,000 meals for underprivileged kids who are missing their school lunch. We’ve been feeding the hungry on the island since opening there six years ago, and we’ll be similarly supporting the Falmouth community as our business grows. We opened our Falmouth business in September, and as you can imagine, it’s been a challenging environment these past few months. But giving back to those in need is one of our greatest joys, and is part of who we are and always will be as a business.

We all look forward to the day that this virus subsides and we can once again enjoy our time together. I can’t wait to reunite our entire Bad Martha team and have their smiling faces greet you at the brewery. Until then, you can trust us to do all we can to offer you delicious pizzas and beer in a safe environment and safe to consume. As a brand new business in Falmouth, we know we have the privilege and responsibility to earn your loyalty and support with each and every transaction. Thank you for supporting us, and please stay safe! Jonathan, Founder and Owner
Bad Martha Beer
Bad Martha Beer
What topping would you most like to see added to our options?
Wed-Sun 3-8 pm
508 444 6571 or
Order online!

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